Sunday, March 4, 2012


I just restarted The Crystal Lattice.  I'm trying to turn the file corruption into a good thing instead of seething over three weeks of lost work and pointless late nights.  I've decided to undertake some major story changes.  A couple of early scenes are going away, as are two tiny little characters who appear through the entire book but don't really do anything until near the end.  I'm replacing them with something else during their pertinent scene.  These changes should streamline the beginning a bit and make the first act less rambling.  I may have been listening to a little too much Led Zeppelin when I wrote the first draft.

The first person who read this book in its earliest form told me it felt like a guy sitting in a pub telling stories.  I'm going to run with that perspective.  The narrator is a bard with one hell of a crazy story, after all.

I've only rewritten the first two paragraphs so far because the baby demanded a feeding.  I've never been particularly comfortable with this book.  It's a great story with great characters, but has some issues, especially at the beginning.  I'm trying to keep it YA, which won't be too difficult considering the age and personality of the narrator.  Here's to starting over.

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