Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A is for Abyss

This is a piece I composed for piano while in high school. It became the base for my new Mayfly Requiem cover. Check out my books and all of my new covers here.

Abyss is one of my happy synesthesia words. It is a feather drawn lightly across the skin on my arms. Add a syllable and it becomes "abyssal", an ecstatic shiver and a feeling of warmth at the core. I love how the meaning of the word clashes with the feelings generated by it.

Abyss is a deep darkness and a bottomless depth. It is an alien ocean gulf, a world unfathomable by human imagination. It is something so far-reaching that although we might see it projected on a screen, we have difficulty comprehending it. Deep space and the deep ocean, two universal extremes that carry with them the romanticism of the unknown and unknowable. The music of the universe is overwhelming.

The infinite time of the abyss became the inspiration the cosmic Web, the mythology of Malora. When seen from afar, the hierarchy is mystical and unknowable, but as seen through the eyes of the Aulors, it becomes almost annoyingly mundane. We create and obliterate our own abysses through experience. What was once unreachable becomes comprehensible and we wonder why we had so much trouble understanding it to begin with. Science, emotion, and experience collide into a spectacular fireworks display of epiphanic understanding. We are left humbled by the wonders of the abyssal universe and an overwhelming calm settles over us. Natural beauty as the great tranquilizer.  Perfection in chaos and inevitable destruction. Magnificent.

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