Tuesday, March 20, 2012

G is for Gratitude

This is just a quick note because the kids wore me out today.  This blog broke 20,000 page views today, so a big thank you to everyone who has found his or her way here, and especially to those of you who have left comments and helped me know I wasn't just talking to myself.  The majority of the page views were due to To My Religious Friends being linked on Reddit last year, but that's okay by me.  My Twitter and Facebook followers are awesome as well.

Also, a huge thanks to those of you who have read or downloaded my books.  My earlier proofreaders  were great beta readers, but kind of failed on an epic scale as proofreaders, so I had some major typos and missing words in my uploads.  Three of the four books have now been fixed with the help of my not-so-lazy proofreader so the updated versions are on Amazon.  The fourth (The Shattered Veil) should be updated tomorrow once she gets back to me with the rest of the corrections.  I will also be sending her The Crystal Lattice to proofread once I finish it.  It could be a little while since I'm taking my time with it.  It is an extensive rewrite so I need to make sure it works before I take the next step with it.  In the meantime, I'd love some feedback if you've read my books.  Tell me about your favorite or least favorite characters, or anything else that you either loved or hated (proofreading errors aside, since I'm taking care of those right now).  I'm planning another promotion for my birthday, but I won't give details on that quite yet.

Finally, thank you to my toddler for only having a minor tantrum today.  It was raining so we couldn't go outside.  He kept insisting he wanted something called "map" from the kitchen, but I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.  It was only a minor meltdown augmented by a screaming baby, but everyone calmed down thanks to a piece of bread, some hummus, a diaper change, and some mommy milk.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me so far.  I started on this wild ride nine years ago with the first chapters of The Crystal Lattice, and I plan to keep on riding until the end of the track.

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