Intro: The Crystal Lattice (Emergence #1)

I'm not going to put the full first chapter of The Crystal Lattice here because it's long, so I'll just tease you with the first two paragraphs. The paperback version is available at Amazon and Createspace. The Ebook is available at Amazon.

The ocean sings to me. The deserts, the wind, the rivers whisper to my soul. The mountains and forests beckon to me, but they are not my masters. I embrace the fire above all else. Starfire and kindling, candlelight and infernos. I am not a disciple of fire – I am the fire. I am wings of flame and sparks on the wind, dampened only by the bitter winter rain and the coldness of an empty universe. I close my eyes and see blazing cascades and meadows of molten rock. I breathe deeply of the ash and char to refresh my spirit and subdue my elemental nature. I open my eyes and return to a far more serene place, the halcyon world of my physical home.

All bards have a story to tell. My tale is a bit different from most, but you must already know I am more than just a bard. Who am I? Don't you already know? I will be surprised if you haven't heard of me by one of my names. I see your curiosity dancing about the forward lean of your posture. If it's a story you want, then it's a story you will get. I've never been one to keep my mouth shut when there is an adventure to divulge. I suppose I ought to start at the beginning, because if you really wish to understand me, you need to know where I came from, for even lowly preludes can crescendo into sublime finales.

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