Saturday, March 3, 2012


I lost eighty two pages of rewrites, edits, and additions last night.  I saved and closed out of Office to reboot my laptop.  When I turned it back on, my file was gone.  The file was corrupted and my computer guru husband hasn't been able to recover it.  I have an earlier draft on my system because I save versions, and everything else is backed up on the server, but there wasn't any reason to back up my working edit until I was at a good breaking point.  I have figured out somethings now that I want to change or cut, but I am just so damned frustrated right now.  Three weeks of late nights and I have to start over at the beginning.  Between that and my toddler screaming in pain from his ear infection, I totally forgot to take the cats to the vet this morning and need to wait until they are open on Monday to explain and reschedule.    There are not any appropriate words in the English language to convey how I'm feeling right now so this will suffice...


I get to start over.  I decided in my electronics-induced rage to cut out two characters who really ended up not doing anything and several scenes to streamline the first act.  That's about the only good that can come of this.  This new rewrite will be completely different from the one I lost.  Let's hope I don't throw my laptop in the trash before this thing is done.  Spontaneous creativity cannot be replicated.  What a nightmare.

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