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Welcome to Malora! (and now Tawas and Bacra, too!)

I get asked a lot about the correct order to read my books in. This gets complicated so hopefully my explanation won't be too confusing. Because the books focus on different characters in different eras, I've learned from my readers that most of the books stand well enough on their own that reading them in a specific order isn't necessary.

Several of the books stand alone and can be read in whichever order you choose. Mayfly Requiem, Shadows of Absolution, and the first two books in the Emergence trilogy work very well on their own. The Emergence trilogy is a very distant sequel to the original five books and is its own complete story, but reading the eight books as a set gives a lot more insight into the history and lore of Malora/Melor. The eight stories are connected by three immortal characters who act as bridges between the past and the future.

There are two common reading orders for The Malora Octet, and the order you choose may alter your perception of the world. Mayfly Requiem can be read either before or after the Echoes of Oblivion trilogy, but it may be a little easier to ease into my world if the trilogy is read first.

1. Mayfly Requiem
2. The Abyssal Night
3. Shards of Chaos
4. The Shattered Veil
5. Shadows of Absolution
6. Sand into Glass
7. The Crystal Lattice
8. Arrow of Entropy

My preferred order because Mayfly likes to be a spoiler:
1. The Abyssal Night
2. Shards of Chaos
3. The Shattered Veil
4. Mayfly Requiem
5. Shadows of Absolution
6. The Crystal Lattice
7. Sand into Glass
8. Arrow of Entropy

If you want to go the strange route, here is the order I wrote them in:
1. The Crystal Lattice
2. The Abyssal Night
3. Shards of Chaos
4. The Shattered Veil
5. Mayfly Requiem
6. Shadows of Absolution
7. Sand into Glass
8. Arrow of Entropy

Due to low sales from other retailers, I've moved my ebooks back to just Amazon. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read them for free! If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free e-reader app for other devices here. I also have paperbacks available from CreateSpace, Amazon, and other retailers. I currently have two works in progress, so expect to see more on this page in the future. 

Ebooks on Amazon:

The paperback of Mayfly Requiem is available from CreateSpace and Amazon!

The Echoes of Oblivion trilogy is also available in both e-book and paperback!

The Abyssal Night on Createspace and Amazon

Shards of Chaos on Createspace and Amazon

The Shattered Veil on Createspace and Amazon

Shadows of Absolution is available in e-book and paperback (Createspace). The Amazon paperback is here.

I've recently completed a loose trilogy called Emergence, which is set within Malora, but far in the future when the name of the continent has become Melor and humanity has fractured into multiple races with a variety of lifespans. Book one is The Crystal Lattice, which is about the rise of an elemental Emergent mage named Tesji. The second book of the Emergence trilogy is Sand into Glass, the story of Arden Masiona, the son of Bethel and an Emergent mage named Andratalia Brier. My beta readers loved it and didn't want me to change anything except typos so I released it on May 6, 2015. The third book was written a creative whirlwind and released in August 2015, and is titled Arrow of Entropy. It's the story of Tesji's daughter Zella, who becomes a student of the Aulor Rassa several decades after The Crystal Lattice.

The Crystal Lattice is available in paperback from Createspace and Amazon. It is also available as an e-book

Sand into Glass was released on May 6, 2015. It is available in paperback from Amazon and Createspace, and in e-book on Amazon.

Arrow of Entropy was released on August 8, 2015. It's available in paperback from Amazon and Createspace, and in e-book on Amazon.

Completely separate from Malora, one of my short stories was included in a Halloween anthology, which was released in October 2015.

My oddball baby is Huron. I've loosely categorized it as YA Horror, but it doesn't fit neatly into that genre or any other that I've found. Huron is available in paperback and e-book.

And now, for a new world...

The Bacra Chronicles is my new series. It's more of a traditional sword and sorcery epic fantasy than The Malora Octet is, but I've had a lot of fun subverting some of the standard tropes.

The first book, Cavelost is out in paperback and e-book, and I'm currently working on Book 2, Faelost.

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