Saturday, March 31, 2012

L is for Lunar

The moon at 2:00pm today.
"You are a songbird wreathed in flames, but you need to learn how to slow down and breathe if you're ever going to learn how to fly." Maral, The Crystal Lattice

I've been spending a lot of time reading through the lunacy of this bill.  The language in it is horrific and it's taking some effort to decipher the meandering and often incomplete sentences.  Are all bills this incoherent?  If they are, no wonder our political system is such a mess.

I needed a break and the kids were going bonkers, so we went out into the backyard and set up the tent.  Turbotot decided to run amok and eat dirt while Messy Mouse laid on a blanket and took a nap.  The insects are already swarming, and I had to pick aphids off Messy Mouse's shirt.  We had the little tent out, and when I went back outside this evening to put it away, two rabbits ran out of it.  We are the only ones in the neighborhood without dogs, so the rabbits use our large lawn as a safe haven.  Two years ago, they built a hutch in front of the basement window, and it was fascinating watching the bunnies grow and leave the nest.  We haven't bothered to weed that section of the garden in case they want to use it again.  They didn't come back last year, and I suppose if they don't build a hutch there this year we'll pull up the weeds.

These ferns are really beautiful when they are fully unfurled.  Fiddleheads are edible, but I've never tried them.  I'm not sure if this particular variety is the edible kind, so I am hesitant to try.

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