Wednesday, April 25, 2012

X is for Xeric

Halloween 2010 tomato harvest.

I had an awesome garden two years ago.  I grew tomatoes, snow peas, green beans, mixed lettuces, and herbs.  My tomato plants grew eight feet tall and yielded thousands of fruits.  I made most of it into salsa or sauce and had enough to last all winter.  I picked my first tomatoes in June and my last in November.

And then came the drought.

Last year, I got 5 snow peas and 2 tomatoes.  Total.  It was 100+ degrees all summer and the ground was dry even with watering.  We went away for a week, and when we came back, the yard was brown and crunchy.

I think this year is going to turn out the the same way, so I'm hesitant to plant anything.  My hostas didn't even come back this year after being scorched last year.

My question for any readers who enjoy gardening....

What can I grow in the newly xeric conditions of the plains?  I'm expecting it to be over 100 during the day and 85-90 at night and little rain like last year.  Is there any hope for a vegetable garden this year, or am I doomed to baked-out grass and sprouting seeds on the countertop?

I do like sprouts, but I'd rather have fresh tomatoes.

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