Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dart to the Heart

(A romance parody)

Romance novels were popular at my old insurance job.  A coworker and I were discussing the infatuation one day and came up with a game for plotting romance novels.  The original sketches are probably long gone, so I sketched out a new set tonight by request of my sister.

The game is simple.  There are three dartboards: Female Lead, Male Lead, and Setting.  Each board has twenty sections.  Just throw three darts and wherever they land is your novel.  You can even shake things up and pick more than one from each category.

I apologize for my hideous handwriting and the low quality of the pictures.  My G's look like F's sometimes.  I might do a digital rendering later, but I have too much else going on in my head to worry about it right now.

And there you have it!  8000 possibilities for your next romance novel.

You could write about...
A vampire and Fabio on safari.
A hobo and a princess in an arraigned marriage.
A cowboy and a librarian in feudal Japan.
An ex-nun and a werewolf on a cruise ship.
An honorable thief and a reformed hooker in an underwater habitat.
And many more!

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