Tuesday, April 17, 2012

V is for Valari

I have with me today Valari Banan, one of Meridian's most popular Geophorian mages and an antagonist from Mayfly Requiem.
Don't call me an antagonist.  I'm not an antagonist.

What are you, then?
A mage.  A good one.  You can call me Vale

I apologize, Vale the good mage.  How are you today?

So, where are you from and how did you end up in Meridian?
I'm from Lusifal.  Lani brought me to Meridian.

The Aulor Lani?  How did you meet him?
Yes, the Aulor.  I know Dia too, but I wish I knew her better.  Lani saved my life.  I was falsely accused of some crimes and left to die in a cell.  Lani freed me.  He's great, my best friend really.

Interesting.  What else can you tell me about Lani?
Nothing.  This is supposed to be about me.  If you want to know about Lani, go interview him and leave me alone.

Sorry.  What was your childhood like?
Miserable.  My mom died a couple of weeks after my brother was born and my dad didn't want anything to do with us.  Us being my brother Roar and I.  Dad never really thought Roar was his kid.  Roar's a fire priest, so he's always looked a little different.  I was different, too.  Mages aren't appreciated where I came from.  Dad got sick of us after a couple of years and tossed us out.  We ended up being trained by the Geophorians in Moonhaven.

That must have been difficult.
Not really.  No point in staying with someone who didn't want us around.  We were better off without him.  Roar and I were better off together.

Are you close to your brother?
Very.  He's all the family I have.  I don't see him as much as I'd like these days.  He's kind of a rogue elementalist so Lani's been working with him since we came to Meridian.

I've heard you're an extremely talented mage and a favorite student of the magisters.  What is your favorite thing about being a Geophorian mage?
Yes, I am considered talented.  I was always the top mage in my classes.  I love feeling the power of a spell course through my veins.  I can taste it.  It's like sugared vanilla.  Delicious.

What is your favorite thing about Meridian?
I love the Orbs in the temple and the hydras in the lake.  Fascinating.  But my favorite thing has to be the Aulors.  Aucra's city is perfection and the presence of her children make it home.

When you walk into a room, what is the first thing people notice about you?
I'm damned charismatic, ask anyone.  Girls like me.  Some boys, too.  I think it's the black hair and blue eyes.  A lot of people find that combination striking.

I have to know, do you have a special someone, or are you single?
A little of each.  I have a wicked crush on a girl, but she's in love with someone else.  I'm still trying to get over her, and that makes me emotionally unavailable.

Sorry.  That stings, doesn't it?
You have no idea.  Hey, give me a couple of months, then we'll go out to dinner, okay?  I think I'll be ready then.

Sounds good.  It's a date.  What was the last dream you had?
Last night I dreamed I was the king of a small country.  How cool would that be?

So, you dream of power?  Anything else?
Immortality, maybe.  I'm fascinated by the Aulors.  I was even before I met them.  Imagine how much you could accomplish if you had hundreds or even thousands of years to plan and implement your dreams instead of having to cram everything into a few decades.  Who wouldn't dream of that?

I think I'd rather borrow Lani's talent and give myself a couple more hours each day.
Yeah, that would be great, too.  I've seen him in action, and he's impressive.  Very impressive.  I told you I don't want to talk about him.  He likes his privacy and we're supposed to be talking about me.  If you keep bringing up Lani, we're not going on that date.

I understand.  Vale, what is your greatest fear?
Being forgotten.  If I am forgotten after I die, then my life was worthless.  I don't want to be a mayfly.

It just means I don't want to live a day and be forgotten before I'm even dead.  It's one of Lani's terms and it stuck in my head.

Do you have any nicknames?
Besides Vale?  And don't you dare call me Banana.  Well, the mages in Moonhaven liked to run my names together and call me Valariban.  I like it.  I might keep it if I ever run for office.

It's regal.  Last question, and then I'll let you get back to your duties.  If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring with you?
I'd rather bring people than things.  I'd say Dia, Lani, and you.

Certainly.  I must be going now. There are spells to write and tunnels to explore.

I'll tell you when we go on our date.  I hope you like Kiran food.

Almost forgot.  Where can we learn more about you, Valari Banan.
You'll just have to read Mayfly Requiem.  I do warn you, Lani's opinions may have clouded his portrayal of me.  I'll let you come to your own conclusions.

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