Friday, April 20, 2012

W is for Welcome

Welcome to Evergreen and Indigo!  Thank you for joining me.  I'm almost at the end of the alphabet, so I'll be going back to normal posts soon.  

If you are an indie author, I want to hear from you.  I'd love to interview you and feature you on this blog.  Go here and send me an email.  Help me promote you!

I've also interviewed a couple of my own characters just for fun.  I may add more in the future.  Check them out here

I am in the last sequence of The Crystal Lattice, but it will be a while before it is released.  I need to publish in chronological order instead of the order I originally wrote the books.  Once I finish the last twenty pages of rewrites, I'm going to put it away for a little while so I can finish Absolution.  I've always alternated books like this so I can look at the final edits with fresh eyes and make sure overlapping characters sync up before I send them to my proofreader.

The original written order was:  The Crystal Lattice, Echoes of Oblivion trilogy, Absolution, Mayfly Requiem.  Chronological order is:
  1. Mayfly Requiem
  2. The Abyssal Night
  3. Shards of Chaos
  4. The Shattered Veil
  5. Absolution
  6. The Crystal Lattice
So, while you are waiting for me to finish the last two books in the sequence for you, I'd be extremely grateful if you'd do something for me.  Please like and tag my books on Amazon, 'like' my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and leave me reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  Leave me comments on my blog posts and tell me which characters are your favorites so I can feature them here.

Thank you for wandering through Malora with me.  I appreciate your companionship on this strange journey.

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