Monday, April 2, 2012

M is for Malora

A sketch of the Malora continent.  The scale is highly inaccurate.
Malora is the world inside my head and the setting of my six books (Absolution is only partially set in Malora).  By the era of The Crystal Lattice, the name has morphed into Melor, but significant change is to be expected after 4,803 years.  I did not include a map in my books because I lost it.  It will likely appear in second editions later on.  The map of Melor is significantly different, as the earth priests had a bit of fun with the landscape in the fifty years between The Shattered Veil and Absolution.  Nalune is gone, the Liban Hills are now a labyrinth mountain range claimed by the Baku, and the Marsora Range has shifted eastward beyond the ruins of Lunamar.

The continent of Malora consists of seven countries, as of the beginning of The Abyssal Night.

Ganebra - capital, Lunamar.  Landlocked country in central Malora.  Ruled by King Rastaban, the latest monarch of the 2000 year old Eryaucra dynasty.  The landscape is primarily plains, with Lake Nalune at the center and the Marsora range to the west.  Former temple city is Meridian, but Geophorians were banned from the country after Valariban Eryaucra's ascension.

Maritor - capital Heren.  Southwest Malora.  Ruled by King Achernar until Rastaban negotiated him into a lordship.  Varied landscape, including tropical forests in the south, the Amari Desert in the central region, and plains along the coast.  Geophorian temple cities are Fruithill and Dunewind.

Rashomanon - capital Cascades.  Central-west Malora. The hidden temple city of Cascades is the only settlement of significant population in this treacherous mountain region.  Ganebra considers Rashomanon too dangerous a landscape to bother with.  Temple city is Cascades.

Rimara - capital Narsalon.  Northwest Malora.  Tundral plains and evergreen forests.  The volcanic island Arka is off the west coast.  Temple cities are Nighthollow and Skyspire.

Lusifal - capital Lusarna.  Northeast Malora.  Forests and plains to the south, hills and highlands in the center, redwood forests and tundra in the north.  The Harkanaya archipelago lies off the northeast coast.  Temple cities are Icelight, Northwinds, and Moonhaven.

Anor - capital Loya.  Central-east Malora.  Delta swamps and forests. The mountainous island of Liefan is considered part of Anor.  Temple cities are Riverbottom, Reedwater, and Starfall.

Kira - capital Tiva.  Southeast Malora, including the island Kiribar.  Tropical climate, wetland delta in the northeast.  Temple cities are Palmshore and Wavecrest.

Addendum:  Thanks to Kevin Rau for interviewing me today for his website.  My interview can be found here.


  1. You had me at map. I'm a sucker for a nicely drown map, and your country is obviously well-developed.

    1. I was the kind of dorky kid who would read through atlases for fun. I have a couple of more maps, but this is the main one for the trilogy, pre-Ganebran Empire. I also have maps of the rest of the world, since Absolution takes place on more than one continent, and I have post-apocalyptic maps for The Crystal Lattice, since the landscape is significantly different.