Monday, April 9, 2012

O is for Obeliscolychny

What calls to you?

The waves call to me in my dreams, but I cannot heed them from half a continent away.  I grew up on the water, but now I live on the plains.  The only water here is artificial, and I am allergic to pool chemicals.  I do not know if I want to swim or just lay on the shore and listen to the rushing waves.  I miss being able to walk down the street and straight into the breakers.  I miss the clean sand between my toes.  I can go back to the beginning, but I fear it will not be the same.

Water makes me feel safe.  I've had great epiphanies while in the bath or shower.  I gave birth to my daughter in an oversized bathtub.  Even in the water, I was in a lot of pain because of her unusual presentation, but I felt secure and the water gave me the energy I needed.  The water made me weightless and swept away my inhibitions.  

Waterfalls are the one exception to my love for water.  Give me the Great Lakes, massive rivers, oceans, tiny brooks, and torrential rain, but warn me if there is a waterfall nearby.

Tesji, the narrator of The Crystal Lattice, is also called by water, but fire dominates his dreams.  Sevilen Achara from Echoes of Oblivion is called by language and knowledge, but his brother Rastaban has a far different calling.  Lani of Mayfly Requiem is called by the idea of humanity.

Everyone is called by something.  A location, an idea, an element.  What calls to you?  What do you long for the most when you have everyone you need, but still feel far from home?

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