Friday, February 17, 2012

Now Comes the Scary Part

My books are now live on Amazon, crappy covers and all.  I couldn't really leave them coverless, so I edited some old pictures I took of various things and added words.  Now they are dressed like a quartet of particularly shabby hobos, but at least now I'm the only one left naked and completely exposed.  I'm afraid of these books.  They're my babies and I have set them loose to face the world.  Their failure or success is my own.  I had nothing to lose by setting them free except my pride.  I'm biased.  I don't expect them to go very far from home, but that is okay.  I just needed to set them free because I love them.  They have been languishing on my hard drive and in my head for far too long.

Book One - The Abyssal Night

Book Two - Shards of Chaos

Book Three - The Shattered Veil

Mayfly Requiem - the prequel to the trilogy and the history of Malora through the eyes of an immortal

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