Monday, February 20, 2012

Entering the Crystalline

The ocean sings to me. The deserts, the wind, the rivers whisper to my soul. The mountains and forests beckon to me, but they are not my masters. I listen to the fire above all else. Starfire and kindling, candlelight and infernos. I am not a disciple of fire – I am fire. I am wings of flame and sparks on the wind, dampened only by the bitter winter rain and the coldness of an empty universe. I close my eyes and see only waterfalls of flame and molten rock. I breathe deeply of the ash and char to refresh my spirit and subdue my elemental nature. I open my eyes and return to a far more serene place, the cool and calm world of my physical home. -- The Crystal Lattice
I am finding this opening chapter to be a bit tedious, so I've made the intro a little more interesting I hope.  I wrote the first draft when I was twenty-one and I'd like to think my writing skills have improved since then.  This isn't just an edit, it's a complete overhaul.  I'm still in the first chapter because I've altered over half of the sentences.  The story remains the same, the words are different.

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