Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Stitches

Everything must contain a minimum of three pieces of cat hair.

This is a hat I'm working on for a friend about to start chemo.  It's slow-going since I keep getting distracted by kids and books.  I have about 12 rows left.  It's a slow pattern since it's all in sc, but I really like the durability of sc fabric.  It's nice getting back into productivity after months of pregnancy-induced swelling and nerve problems in my arms and fingers.


  1. It's beautiful. And what a beautiful gift to give your friend.

    1. I love this color combination and when I looked through her pictures, I noticed her wearing blues and purples a lot. I feel like it's taking forever, but it's worth it. My crocheting is still slow after months of not being able to use my hands. I couldn't even hold a knife by early December.