Monday, February 27, 2012

Cast of Characters

While sandwiched between a sickling and a milk fiend, I compiled a partial list of characters in The Abyssal Night.  I still have a flu headache, so hopefully I make a little bit of sense.

Lunamar, Ganebra
Rastaban Achara Eryaucra  - the mentally unstable young king of Ganebra.  His secrets define his kingdom.
Sevilen Achara - Rastaban's younger brother.  Bookish, narcoleptic, and awkward, he is appointed Chancellor of Ganebra at the beginning of the trilogy.
Adelia Samaris - Rastaban's wife and the former Crown Princess of Maritor.
Lucienus Narsimor - a member of the king's Council.
Lirit Narsimor -a young Ganebran girl, daughter of Lucienus.
Tordian Keltau - malicious Commander of the Ganebran military.

Western Malora
Rhodren Briarwind - a young man from Heren, Maritor.  He possesses no apparent magical talents.  He is a bit obsessive-compulsive, rebellious, and narcissistic, and has auditory-tactile synesthesia.
Sharo Briarwind - Rhodren's mother, a baker.
Gazelle - a Geophorian priest and refugee from Fruithill, Maritor.  Rhodren's would-be love interest.
Tempo Aulani - Elder leader of Cascades, Rashomanon.

Eastern Malora
Ember - a fire priest from Reedwater, Anor.  She has difficulty controlling her abilities on her own.
Moth - a priest with a wind talent.  Ember's husband.  He also has difficulty controlling his talent, but he and Ember subdue and balance each other.
Echo - a Anoran priest who recalls the memories of others at the expense of his own.
Howl - Echo's silent spouse.  Her voice is deadly.
Lore - Howl and Echo's infant daughter.
Rain - Elder leader of Moonhaven, Lusifal.
Ray - Rain's teenage son.  Possesses a talent for light manipulation.

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