Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sketchy Sunday

I used to have decent drawing ability, but my movement disorder put an end to it. These are some older sketches I found in the garage. Most of them are characters from The Crystal Lattice. I took photographs of them because the scanner isn't plugged in, so I got some weird glare.

Bralt, the Efi Emergent paladin (The Crystal Lattice)
Lirana, Efi teacher (The Crystal Lattice)

Hrenba, the queen of the Baku (The Crystal Lattice)
Safora Nightwolf, the human bard (The Crystal Lattice).
Terali, the narrator's infatuation (The Crystal Lattice)
Ravaki Thula, the half-Efi Emergent mage (The Crystal Lattice) 
Kith the Vin Thulan from Sand into Glass. This is a quick sketch I did tonight.

Saruza and Bethel, post-The Shattered Veil. Quick sketch I did tonight.

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