Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've been sketching a couple of my characters over the past several days. I wasn't sure where this one was going at first, but I soon found myself staring at the troubled, androgynous Dacibrega. Daci is a twenty-six year old mage Bethel rescued in Amanor six years before the start of Shadows of Absolution. However, Bethel was not prepared for the reality that Dacibrega never wanted to be rescued. He was a willing sacrifice, and never considered the possibility of a life beyond his twentieth birthday.


When he finally emerged, he was a different person. Dacibrega was his new name, and metal, especially mercury, was his element. He was not so different from the Aulor – ever changing, never staying in the same form for too long. He was a shifter before he emerged, but after, Dacibrega no longer had control over his transitions. Dacibrega was as trapped by his own form as the Aulor was, and that reality alone was enough to lessen some of the Kiedran's bitterness. The Kiedra were abandon at their very cores. Maybe Dacibrega would eventually learn to cling to something other than his undue hatred for the Aulor.

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