Thursday, July 19, 2012

In the Weeds

We have a growth of weeds and grasses in front of our basement window. It is unsightly and facing the road, but I'm not inclined to pull it up. You see, that pile of weeds has been utilized as a rabbit nest for the last couple of years. A few nights ago, the kids and cats got to watch a palm-sized baby bunny the nest, possibly for the first time. It was maybe eighteen inches away, and safe from the curious eyes and grabbing paws. This is the third baby bunny I've seen outside my window in as many summers. Today, I saw the bunny's sibling, who was shier and darker. It dashed into the bushes when the cat knocked on the glass, but the bold baby with the white spot kept on eating. 

We've also watched birds and field mice take advantage of the tasty grass seeds. My son was fascinated by a dainty mouse climbing a stalk to savor a snack last summer. I don't want to pull those weeds. They are unsightly, but they are someone's home, and a rare shelter from the unrelenting heat. I no longer see weeds when I look at the neglected garden. I see an opportunity to show my children something amazing.

I finally caught some pictures of one of the babies a few minutes ago. They're a little blurry since they're through a window and I had to fight the cat for positioning.

The birdbath gnome is about 12 inches tall. The bunny is hard to see unless you click on the picture.

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