Thursday, July 12, 2012


There is so much going on right now! I have a giveaway contest going on Goodreads, I just today approved the paperback of Shadows of Absolution (it was already available in e-book), and my muse is running wild through the first book of the Emergence trilogy! I've been playing around on Pinterest lately, so if you're interested in seeing some of my characters as I see them, check out my Malora board.

So, while you're busy reading Shadows of Absolution, would you like to know what comes next?

I thought this was appropriate, given the title and subject matter of my new trilogy. I made this for my daughter.

The Emergence trilogy takes place approximately 4,500 years after the Echoes of Oblivion trilogy, when Malora has become Melor. The descendants of Aulors have become something other than human. The primary races are humans, Efi (tall forest guardians with lifespans of 500-600 years), Mero (red-haired water dwellers, also long lifespans), Baku (argent-skinned mountain guardians), Toli (tallest race, muscular, coloring is shades of blue and green, live in the southern rainforests), Masai (similar to Tenjeri, live in the boreal forests), and Drey (slight, jewel-toned mountain inhabitants). Magic is rarer than it was in the time of Ganebra, and most mages are very weakly skilled. However, some of the stronger ones have the capability of transcending to become purer forms of their talents. They are known as Emergents, and every Emergent mage was once a student of Bethel Masiona.

Book One is Sand into Glass, the story of Arden Masiona's struggle to overcome his own primal nature. He is the sole non-magical member of the Masiona family and the son of the Aulor Bethel and the Efi Emergent Andra Brier. At the onset of the story, Arden has been arrested by the Drey and is awaiting trial on on murder charge. You'll have to read it to find out how he got to that point. Arden is partially deaf, has mild cerebral palsy, and sustained brain damage as an infant which rendered him unable to fully control his emotions and behavior. I am currently over 20,000 words into this book and have had long conversations with Arden, so there is a huge amount of story ahead.

Book Two is The Crystal Lattice. It is already written, though it will need some tweaks now that it is the center of the trilogy instead of the stand-alone book I originally drafted 9 years ago. Tesji is a young elemental mage, an outcast among the Efi. He was left with his grandfather as a very young child and has little knowledge of his parentage. He finds himself alone when he comes of age, and leaves his home to head the call of the far-off mountains and the sea of Ara. He becomes a student of Bethel Masiona, and later a revolutionary.

Book Three has the working title of Arrow of Entropy, and is currently little but a collection of notes and ideas. Zella Thula is the daughter of Tesji and the narrator of the story. Arrow of Entropy follows Zella's relationship with the Aulor Rassa as the tension initiated by Tesji in The Crystal Lattice culminates in a second transcendence for a major character in the series and a shifting in the cosmic balance when the Web discovers just how vulnerable it really is.

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