Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snippet Sunday: The Shattered Veil

"I dream of darkness, of an endless knot of mirrors and fire. Every time I try to unravel the knot, it twists tighter and tangles around my soul. All I see are paths, spiraling, meandering paths into the black haze of the void, but every path is wrong and every path leads to death. The reflections, the flames, all are spinning, all are twisting, and nowhere am I free from its embrace. I can only dance in the twilight, dance on the edge of the abyssal oblivion, with the dying sun laughing behind me and the withering darkness ahead. The darkness, the knot, unbinds for but a second, only to reach out and hand me a silver shell, a conch, yet another twisted spiral. All around, feathers drift on the fragile winds of nihility. There are no stars, no moon, only knots, only the promise of death. Drums cry out in the abyss and then fade with everything else. Even the shadows fade and all that is left is death. We are all dead, we just haven't figured it out yet.”
-Rhodren Briarwind, The Shattered Veil

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