Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shadows of a Teaser

I was playing around with the camera while my kids napped this afternoon and came up with this little teaser. If I decide to use this one, it will change slightly as the spine is added in the center, but it continues the picture. I hunted around for a while to find objects significant to the book.  Bethel's charavens (couldn't find any metal feathers and was too impatient to make them up as they should look), symbols of time, Dacibrega's runestones, Redemption's lantern, a metal fox, seashells (for the location of the second act), and a calla lily (this one is a teaser for the final chapter). I was thinking of going dark for the background, but it doesn't fit this book.  Wrinkled fabric suited it better, like canvas sails on the Chulanlir. I haven't started editing the draft yet because I was gone all weekend and I've been working on copy-edits for the print editions of the trilogy. Mayfly Requiem should be available in print shortly. I ordered what should be the final proof on Friday and it will be for sale as soon as it arrives and I check it over. I really ought to get on my butt and finish those, but the kids only give me a little time each day to work and June is crazy for me this year. My goal is to have Shadows of Absolution out by the end of the year, so I need to stop procrastinating and start editing.

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