Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is a set of thirty-two stones I created to help me with my current project (working title Absolution.  I'll reveal the real title later).  Over the course of the book, three characters are seen reading the stones.  The interpretation of the pictures is different for each of them.  If I get stuck on a section, I pull out a stone and see where it leads me.

Dacibrega reached into Onyx's rune basket and lifted out a stone. “A sword, Bethel. Fight your battles elsewhere, because I have never cared what you thought about me. You are the reason I am in this mess of a life.”
You are a reader,” Onyx stated happily.
“Not really. I read what I have to, but books never interested me very much.”
“No wonder you don't get along with my friend here,” Onyx said. He laughed and Bethel glared at him. “Don't stare at me like that, old man. I can't read your expressions anymore now that you're a talking chameleon. I can tell about you two without looking at the stones. Discord. I wasn't talking about books, Dacibrega. I was talking about signs, symbols. You see patterns and meanings without really trying.”
I doubt it,” Bethel said, trying not to laugh. Dacibrega's childhood tutors had not taught him much of anything and the young Kiedran showed little interest in trying to catch up on what he had missed. He was willfully ignorant, and not in the falsely blissful way the citizens of fallen Ganebra once were.
Onyx tapped his arthritic fingers against the table. “I can see that he is headstrong and cantankerous, but that does not mean he is not intelligent and gifted, and you know that better than almost anyone. Dacibrega, you only need to trust your intuition and you will see more than you ever imagined.”

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