Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Moth's Story

I've added Moth's short story to the page tabs, or you can read it here. He was fifteen years old at the time of this story, so it takes place about a decade before his introduction in The Abyssal Night. If you haven't read the Echoes of Oblivion trilogy and aren't into spoilers, I recommend not reading it yet, since it details a familial relationship between two characters that comes as a revelation in Shards of Chaos.

In the meantime, I'm not editing or writing a whole lot right now because I'm on painkillers and waiting for kidney stone surgery, which should happen on Monday. I did write a couple journal entries by a character who was addled on painkillers when he wrote them and I'm working on a short about Exi's emergence, since she was dealing with a lot of pain when she went through it. No editing on Arrow of Entropy for now, though. Not a good idea to do final edits when I'm medicated, even though my brain wants me to.

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