Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six-Sentence Sunday

“I turned our father into an anxious hermit, convinced a Thulan to transcend, and physically injured an Element, an Element who still carries a scar on his face as a reminder of me. I reached adulthood on the winds of the raging Marglor before being thrown into the abyss of Lumeinar to be tended by a monster. I wield a pair of black glass blades forged by Aumua himself. Give me ten minutes and I'll go upstairs and retrieve them. Don't harass me, my dear brother. If I can do such damage to immortals, what do you think I can do to a half-Mero, half-Aulor Emergent who has nothing but illusion to defend himself with?”
-Arden Masiona to his brother, Theron, Sand into Glass

An 8-year-old painting from one of my acrylics phases.

I feel like I've been slacking off lately, but perhaps I haven't. My creativity has momentarily spun away from writing and into more tangible media. A couple of lovely crafting projects completed and some reading done and I feel I'm ready to venture back into Malora. 

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