Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zombie Mom Returns

I didn't realize I hadn't posted in over a month until just now.  My mind is gone lately, and I drift through my days doing little but chasing a toddler (who today is engaging in a new sport called "run-by vomiting" thanks to a stomach bug) and trying not to vomit myself.  My thoughts are hazy and unfocused... quite inconvenient when I am somewhere in the vicinity of 2/3 of the way finished with my 6th book and I can't think long enough to write a coherent paragraph on the screen.

Funny, same thing happened to me two years ago.  I had just finished the handwritten first draft of Mayfly Requiem and was starting the transcription when hyperemesis gravidarum and extreme fatigue slammed me into a wall.  Absolution is being derailed the same way, except this time I thankfully don't have HG.  I want nothing more than to finish this nasty little beast, which I started two and a half years ago and stopped for a while to write Mayfly.  I'm hoping the fog lifts in the next couple of weeks and I can reclaim my brain.  Might be too much to ask, but since I'm not pining away in a lab anymore for seven days a week, maybe I can have just a little bit of energy.  Maybe I can work on the multi-perspective, sometimes stream-of-consciousness, intertwined reality and dream land when we go on our toddler-less vacation in July, but I'm doubting it.

Little Spark has claimed my focus and consciousness, and I may have to wait until December to get them back.

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