Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It is after 3:30am, and I am still awake.  I am exhilarated and it will be hard to fall asleep even though my hands are numb and my eyes are heavy.  I just finished Mayfly Requiem.  Yes, it is rough and needs some editing, but the story is finished.  I can put away the hundreds of pages of handwritten prose and breathe.  Version 1.0 comes in at 530 pages, but it is a heavy and sometimes nightmarish chronology.

Before I edit, I am going to step back from the story and do an edit on one of my other books.  They are interconnected so I need to make sure the overlapping characters have the correct attributes.  I have a couple of little things to add.  That book is a massive 1200 page beast, but I already know what parts I need to look at so it shouldn't take too long.  I need to split it into a trilogy, but that won't be difficult since the story naturally split into somewhat even thirds.  Soon, I can call Echoes of Oblivion and Mayfly Requiem complete, add them to the deceptively light romp that was my first book, The Crystal Lattice, and turn my attention back to the half-finished Absolution.

Whee.  The fatigue is finally outweighing the adrenaline.  I need to go take advantage of the three hours before my son wakes up and sleep.
Alpha version of Mayfly Requiem is Rhapsody approved.

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